About Virtue Projects

At Virtue Projects, we pride ourselves on a professional approach to building – we allow the quality of our projects to speak for themselves.

The Eastern Suburbs of Sydney have been the epicentre of our clientele over many years, seeing us build, renovate and refurbish projects that are recognised for their high standard of quality, as well as the level of customer service our team has provided from start to finish.

Projects of all sizes are complex. Experience and a critical eye for quality trades in a complex working environment is the difference. At Virtue Projects, we know and trust our trades. We also use the best technology to provide our clients with a clear and honest picture of day-to-day progress.

High quality craftsmanship from start to finish and a genuine focus on client satisfaction – Virtue Projects delivers quality that lasts.

Our services include:

  • Early Contractor Involvement 
  • Design Management  
  • Construction Documentation Planning
  • Construction
  • After Care

Dave Klees has been building quality homes for over 20 years and his experience encompasses carpentry, project management, job site supervision and managing the client experience from conception to finished product.

These years of experience have provided Dave with valuable insight into bringing together the right partners for each unique project he delivers. Throughout his building career, Dave has worked with large project budgets, structuring joint venture deals with landowners, and putting together complex planning applications for council approval.

“I have found my niche within the building industry and I know that the most important thing is making sure trust is strong between the client, architect and builder. I know which trades are right for each project and I make sure I have a good working relationship with every trade I bring so that when I get a brief from an architect and client, my team knows how to make it happen from day one.”

Over a long career in building, Dave has experienced it all.

This is the experience you can rely on when you choose Virtue Projects.

Why choose us:

We use the software system Buildertrend:

Clients expect a more digital construction process. Smart technology continues to evolve in our everyday lives. Now, smart technology is a powerful tool for construction projects.

Our approach sees Buildertrend at the centre of every project we undertake so we can deliver the digital experience you expect, including:

  • Real-time visibility into the status of your project through an online dashboard, app notifications and email updates;

  • One place to communicate and track job progress; and

  • The ability to make selections, pay for your project and sign agreements all online.

From start to finish, Virtue Projects utilises Buildertrend to ensure that all project processes come together in one digital platform. By combining our focus on quality and smart technology we provide the best client experience.

Our level of experience: ​

With over 20 years of residential building experience, and a team that have successfully completed multiple jobs of various sizes and specifications, you can feel comfortable knowing that you’ve employed the right people for the job. No build is too big or too small for our capable team, and we can advise you every step of the way.

Our customer Service:

At Virtue Projects, if our clients aren’t happy, we’re not happy. We pride ourselves on our customer service and craftsmanship. We understand that building can be stressful and we’re there with our clients throughout the whole process. It’s our goal to create a relationship with our clients based on honesty, transparency and integrity. We not only ensure the quality of the build throughout the job itself, but also remain an available resource to our clients years post the build in the unlikely event, any issues should arise.