Third Time’s a Charm in Marrickville

With both parents working from home and a growing young boy to look after, the Adams family needed space, more space than their one-story house could provide. Their home in Marrickville had treated them well the previous two times they had lived there, but this time they needed it to provide more for them than ever before due to their growing family.

Lindsay and Caz Adams loved the neighborhood, so the third time around they decided to grow their home by renovating with Virtue Projects.

“We were running out of space and we wanted to see what we could do here, this location. It’s a beautiful street, really quiet. Our neighbor on this side is the best neighbor ever and we all have Christmas parties and look after each other.  It’s a lovely neighborhood.”

Renovations have their unique challenges. When it’s your first time, there are often a lot of details to figure out and it isn’t always easy going. Especially considering that this home had a long history with the Adams family, Caz admitted that it had its moments.

“It was very overwhelming when I was faced with a lot of choices, like which taps we wanted. I got really overwhelmed! But in terms of the build, it was all really smooth and really quick.”

Creativity is something Caz Adams has in her DNA and even though there were times when the details became overwhelming that didn’t stop her from deciding on some very original finishes for the family’s dream home.

“I really love the stairs. We came up with this beautiful hand rail which I love. In Grand Designs they’re always talking about the feeling of the balustrade. I like the touch and feel of it. It turned out really beautiful.”

We were also very happy about how things turned out and to team up with Caz and Lindsay was a pleasure. So, after all this time put into the details, what are Caz’s favorite things in her ‘new’ and improved family home?

“The triangle window above the kitchen is my favorite. We told the architect that we needed light, because the sun comes from the backdoor around the house to the front. The idea was to pop the roof up and add these windows in here in the kitchen and along the top floor and that I really love because it’s brought in so much light.”

“It was so dark here before and I just like being able to look out and you can see into the trees.”

“The kitchen is my favorite thing too. Because it’s heaps bigger than what it used to be and it’s like all my Pinterest dreams have come true!!”

For us, it’s been a pleasure working with Caz and her family on this project and we hope that the family are enjoying the extra space. The majority of our work is renovating old homes to match the needs and dreams of our clients.

For Caz and Lindsay, the challenge was to create space and light within a very limited and narrow footprint. The renovation, like all of them, had its unique challenges, but the results speak for themselves. We’ll let Caz have the final word though.

“We just love it here. It’s beautiful. It’s what we hoped for and more. It’s nicer than we could have imagined.”

“I have already recommended Virtue Projects left, right and center. They were just very kind and always here doing their best and you can tell that they took pride in their work”.