Lachlan Smith

Enduring Tradition

Like many of the carpenters in the Virtue Projects team, Lachlan ‘Lockie’ Smith is from a quiet place down the coast.
Originally from Nowra, Lockie is 2 years out of his apprenticeship and still settling into the faster pace that characterises Sydney:

It’s kinda hard coming from the bush, everything is so packed here and a bit more intense. But I am getting used to it. I head back home nearly every second weekend though… I am pretty close to my sister, so I like to go back and see her whenever I can

I head back home nearly every second weekend though… I am pretty close to my sister, so I like to go back and see her whenever I can

Lockie completed his apprenticeship on the South Coast, working with a couple of builders in this time. The first period of his apprenticeship was with Neil Riles Constructions, working on some high-end developments, whereas the latter part of his learning was with Peter Rein from Kiama.

There were a lot of people involved when I worked with Neil, so it was a bit harder to learn onsite, but then, when I was working with Peter it was only a few of us on site and I had the chance lot learn so much more… You are always learning on the job, so when I moved up here to Sydney and began working with the fellas at Virtue, I continued to learn even more.

Lockie with Virtue Projects co-founder Dave Klees

It was with his dad (working in demolition) and from his family (who are all tradies) that the influence to get into a trade started for Lockie.

I definitely got into building and construction because of my dad. He always said that I have to learn to do things myself, so during school and just after finishing year 12 I worked for him for 6 months and then I got my apprenticeship

In the last profile we shared through our blog, Virtue Projects’ co-founder Dave Klees spoke about the value of having carpenters from the regional areas coming to work on projects in the city:

we get a lot of our chippies from the South and North Coast; they have had a broad apprenticeship and they can jump onto any site and work well

Lockie admits that he loves seeing a project through from beginning to end, which is something that probably came from his earlier work with his father in demolition. It is this holistic and well-rounded understanding of the job that makes him a great carpenter already.

“I love starting a job from scratch”

To get away from work Lockie keeps himself busy in the bush.

I love endurance motor bike riding

If you aren’t familiar with it, endurance riding is like a cross-country marathon on two very fast and bumpy wheels, with races usually lasting for at least 8 hours.

Here’s a pic of Lockie defying gravity on his enduro bike recently:

I do plan to do an enduro race one day… there’s a big one in Alice Springs called The Finke Desert Race… I think that would be fun

Yeah sure Lockie, just try not to break anything. We really like having you onsite…

Lockie is a valued member of the Virtue Projects team and a real pleasure to have on your development, big or small.

We’ll leave you with a little taste of this enduro madness that Lockie loves so much: