Brian Scott Hume

Just an American doin’ what Jesus did… (but in Bondi, not Nazareth)

Since December 2014 Brian has been developing an appreciation for Vegemite (little by little… by little) and calling Australia home.

Originally lured to our great southern land by an Australian seductress who promised him limitless meat pies and beach break tubes on tap, Brian is now a happy resident of every tourist’s favourite ‘out-of-the-way’ seaside village – Bondi Beach. The Watermelon Queens, Maryland vegetable crab soup and sweet Maryland corn on the cob are all but distant memories these days.

I was easily convinced to come out here, and I am loving it.

Chilled yet highly-skilled, Brian has been a valued part of the Virtue Projects team for a couple of years, and we are stoked to have him with us. His abilities on the tools have made him a legendary tradesman on many sites for our clients and we only ever see great work from him.

Carpentry is in is DNA (like many of our chippies) and Brian spent some time when he was younger working with his builder father.

I used to work a bit with him, you know, doin’ what Jesus did… ha ha.

Ok, sounds about right… we hear that Maryland is known as the birthplace of religious freedom in America after all…

Before joining Virtue Projects, Brian spent a long while working in the booming US solar industry.

Yeah, I was working in solar in the states as a foreman and as a quality control guy for quite a while… many solar companies popped up during this time with the boom but many aren’t operating anymore. I loved the work with them though… a great experience.

This time in the solar industry didn’t diminish the carpentry skills learnt from his father years earlier. If anything, it showed him a different side to the home – as an energy system that can either cost people money, or save it for them instead. On top of this, climbing up and down rooftops for a few years didn’t see his job site fitness decline either.

Shacked up with an Aussie chick; living on (another) east coast; enjoying the sights and sounds of the world-famous Bondi Beach — Brian is making his own version of the ‘Aussie Dream’ and we are stoked to be playing a part in his Australian experience as his work mates on the job site.

His appreciation for Vegemite is maturing well too and we’ll get his citizenship sorted if he can get a taste for it, no worries. Still a way to go before that though…

I put it down to only eating very little of it at a time… the first time I ate a big spoonful of it and that just put me off you know, I mean, what is it anyway?!

Take your time champ.